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e-commerce marketing

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  • Quickly visualize impact

    Understand the impact of your marketing efforts on your e-commerce channels

  • Marketing on a single platform

    Tap on AnyMind Group's range of proprietary platforms for social media and influencer marketing, CRM and online advertising

  • We've powered 1,000+ brands

    Our proprietary marketing platforms are used by thousands of brands - you have this integrated with AnyX

E-commerce marketing KPI-driven marketing for e-commerce

KPI-driven marketing for e-commerce

  • Social media

    One-stop implementation across social media - from planning and KPI design to operations

  • Influencer marketing

    Discover, activate, manage, track and attribute influencer marketing activities

  • E-commerce advertising

    Maximize advertising performance through best-in-class ad technology

  • E-commerce site optimization

    Improve and optimize UI and customer conversion rate, SEO, email marketing and more

E-commerce marketing

Marketing intelligence Marketing intelligence to maximize sales

Collate, visualize and analyze marketing data to enable impactful improvements - from individual tactics to entire brands

  • Product analytics

    Visualize remaining inventory and turnover rates by SKU and variant to optimize your marketing spend

  • Customer analytics

    Analyze the impact of marketing initiatives and purchasing behavior to deepen understanding of customers

  • Store analytics

    Analyze user behavior across your e-commerce channels and stores

  • Social media and chat analytics

    Analyze across your customer touchpoints including social media and chat applications

Marketing intelligence