Customer Engagement Enhance CX with
chat and CRM

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Customer Engagement
  • Conversational CRM

    Unlock customer service on favored chat apps through unified customer data from e-commerce channels and chat to drive customer experience

  • Maximize returning customers

    Tailor information and customer service to individual customers to build a continuous relationship with your brand

  • Reduce customer service costs

    Reduce customer support workload and improve CX by automating conversations through chatbots

Conversational commerce Deliver customer service through chat

Enhance your brand's customer experience through continuous communication and relationship building

  • Satisfy customer needs through chat

    Engage with your customers through their favored chat apps through continuous and positive relationship building

  • Build ongoing relationships

    Build direct, cookieless relationships with customers by connecting with them via chat

  • Chatbot and conversation automation

    Deliver a realistic customer service experience by designing chat flows to drive customers to purchase and reduce manpower costs

  • Consistent communication

    Enable consistent customer service experiences based on past data and conversations with customers

Conversational commerce

CRM marketing Maximize repeat customers through personalized marketing

Create personalized, optimized and appropriate sales opportunities to drive repeat purchases

  • E-commerce conversational CRM

    Link customer information from e-commerce stores and chat apps

  • Enhance customer engagement

    Analyze individuals and customer groups to identify opportunities for further engagement

  • Personalized messages

    Tap on customer analytics to deliver content to the right people at the right time

  • Touchpoint optimization

    Create touchpoints optimized for each customer based on disparate data from chat, email, SMS, etc

CRM marketing