E-Commerce Channel Management Supercharge your
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E-Commerce Channel Management
  • Central respository of all data

    Optimize operational efficiency and analysis by consolidated data from Shopee, Lazada, Shopify and more through a single platform

  • Rich reporting

    Access reports across sales, channels, fulfillment, and more, enabling you to better visualize and plan your growth strategies

  • Data-driven optimization

    Optimize operations and marketing efforts across e-commerce channels by analyzing integrated data

Multichannel growth Data-driven optimization across online channels

Reach new customers by expanding into new channels and optimizing operations across these channels

  • E-commerce marketplaces

    Optimize marketplace operations by centrally managing master products, orders and inventory

  • Brand.com and D2C sites

    Maximize customer LTV through site build optimization on your brand.com and direct-to-consumer sites

  • Social commerce

    Connect and optimize your social commerce channels to further maximize sales

  • Cross-border expansion

    Tap on a team of local experts to help you strategize and optimize go-to-market initiatives

Multichannel growth

Centralized e-commerce management All-in-one platform to manage all your e-commerce channels

Integrate point solutions necessary for your business to grow. Operate and track initiatives and review strategies all through a single platform

  • E-commerce analytics

    Analyze cross-sectional e-commerce data that enables you to optimize and focus on key operations and actions

  • E-commerce marketing

    Drive awareness, attract customers, increase purchases and convert users into repeat customers

  • E-commerce CRM

    Improve customer experience and drive customer loyalty through a built-in data and CRM platform

  • Merchandising and fulfillment

    Optimize & manage your supply chain across products, orders, inventory and warehousing through one platform

Centralized e-commerce management