Fulfillment Easy and efficient

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  • Centralized management

    Streamline fulfillment operations and management by linking and managing product, order and inventory across channels

  • Drive repeat purchases

    Reduce time spent on logistics from storage to picking, packing and shipping, and focus on measures that improve customer experience

  • Plan sales better

    Visualize inventory turnover and usage rate to enable faster feedback for product planning and marketing

Fulfillment management Improve quality from order receipt to delivery

Automate orders, warehousing and other manual tasks, enabling you to focus on driving customer experience

  • Order management

    Automatically obtain orders by product, channel and payment status, managed through a single platform

  • Inventory management

    Automatically link and manage actual inventory counts and displayed inventory across online channels

  • Automated shipping

    Automate shipping instructions to streamline operations, reduce human error and improve shipping speed

  • Warehousing, storage and receipts

    Significantly reduce time needed for logistical operations, from storage to picking, packing, shipping and returns

Fulfillment management

Fulfillment intelligence Analytics to optimize inventory and sales

Centralized fulfillment analytics that enables proper inventory management and sales strategies

  • Visualize inventory data

    Centrally manage inventory across e-commerce channels and visualize inventory count by SKU and variants

  • Maintain inventory levels

    Easily maintain the right inventory levels to avoid lost sales opportunities and reduce inventory risk/cost

  • Optimize logistics costs

    Adjust promotional measures by visualizing inventory availability to reduce inventory risk

Fulfillment intelligence